(Published 2023-06- by Theo Hooft)

With bandwidth increasing and speed of processors going up it was only logical to come with a right angle connector for generation 5 PCIe products. attached a sneak-peek. The center-line of the daughter card will be around 5,9 mm above the main board.But if you want to connector an additional board parallel to your main board let us know! This connector will be available early Q3.

steeREDWashing and drying
(Published 2022-12- by Theo Hooft)

Never thought we would have to be worried on washing and drying, but take a look on how our R&D is working on a standard process for cleaning, washing and drying resin printed 3D parts.. The result should be products within spec from dimensions and performance point of view We even bought a washing machine for it.

steeREDS2C Elec upgrade and safety
(Published 2022-09- by Theo Hooft)

Sometimes looks and feel are also important, we upgraded the outside premises of our sister company S2C Elec in France and to increase safety a clear green marking was added where the car park exit crosses the bicycle lane....

steeREDBSBF 4-6 October
(Published 2022-09- by Theo Hooft)

Come and meet us at BSBF 4-6 October in Grenada Spain. FOR MORE INFO SEE CHECK THE PROGRAM for interesting presentations on almost all Big Science initiatives!

steeREDPOLO plus Launcher
(Published 2021-10- by Theo Hooft)

Our friends from Joy Signal enhanced their PoLo connector system for high speed data rate applications. It does incorporate some pretty smart design features as EMC elastomer seal with gold wires between the connector and the board. Also the hardware is self aligning for easier installation. Download the leaflet or talk to us on possible applications.

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